Built Up Roof Repair & Installation

Our structure’s roofing systems are one of the most important mechanisms to the architecture, so it’s essential that the roof must be sturdy, affordable, and provides a lot of security to the structure. Built up roofs, or gravel and asphalt roofing systems protect against weather and wind as well as UV rays. Because built up roofs have been around for about 140 years, they have built the credibility of providing proprietors of eating establishments, hospitals, educational, and different business structures with the ultimate security for their structures. Built up roof installations should always be managed by professional roofing contractors, and the roofers at MKCS Roofing can provide structures in the Austin, TX area with exceptional built up roofing assembly that delivers unmatched safety toward fire, debris, and other outside factors. Whether you need a built-up roof for a restaurant or an educational building, our roofing contractors are ready to deliver amazing assemblies; contact our roofing company today at (512) 524-3011 for the ultimate built up roofing installation in Austin, TX.

Long-Lasting Protection with Built Up Roofing Installation

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Otherwise Known as Tar and Gravel Roofing, A Built Up Roof Can Offer Extreme Protection Against Weather and UV Rays.

After over 140 years in use, built up roofing systems have established an unassailable reputation for dependability. No other commercial roof has a similar background to affirm its case for longevity. Commercial buildings in the modern world continue to employ built up roofs. As continued proof of built up roofing's longevity and resistance to severe weather, fire, damaging winds, and tears, you can't do much better than this continued employment.

The quality of its application influences a good amount of a built up roofing system's attributes. Experienced roofers, including our team at MKCS Roofing, understand how to extract the most from built up roofing’s levels of felt, tar bonds, and gravel. Gravel defends the surface, while each level of felt supplies water protection and tar holds the system together. Companies, schools, and medical facilities around the world still believe in the use of built up roofs. For built up roofing systems that stand the ordeals of time, investigate no further than MKCS Roofing. Broad experience and practical expertise allow for our technicians to provide customers with the ideal advantages for their investment for a built up roofing system.

Like PVC and TPO roofing, a built up roof can offer unbridled UV and debris protection. This roofing type is also easy to repair in the event of damage and can be quickly completed by a professional with a simple tar seal and gravel overlay. Find out how your roof could benefit from a built up option by calling our experts at (512) 524-3011.

Call for Optimal Built Up Roof Installation

Our roofing contractors are available to provide clients in the Austin, TX area with an improvement in their roofing systems with a superior built up roofing installation. With decades of knowledge installing and sustaining built up roofs on restaurants, hospitals, and different structures, we are able to deliver you built up roof services that are high-quality, dependable, and resilient. We are established roofing contractors that have years of experience assembling built up roofing systems and utilizing innovative tools and products to get your business roof looking and functioning greater than ever. Our roofers are ready to install, repair, your built up roof to ensure you get long-lasting and unbeatable protection. Give us a call now at (512) 524-3011 if you want built up roof installation in Austin, TX; our roofing contractors are ready to set up an appointment to enhance your roof right away.